Genghis Kahn Passes Away – 8/18/1227

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Genghis Khan was the leader of the Mongols who forged an empire that stretched on farther than an empire in Westeros. His control made all who hope to inhabit King’s landing on the HBO drama Game of Thrones look like absolute amateurs. He reigned from the East coast of China to the Western areas of the Aral Sea. Though he was seen as infallible, Genghis Kahn wasn’t immortal and died in a war camp on a campaign against the ever-growing Chinese kingdom of Xi Xia. Everyone was preparing for the death of the “Great Kahn” who was over 60 and getting sicker by the moment. People assumed that Genghis Kahn may have succumbed to injuries he endured when he fell from a horse in a battle. 

The Great Kahn was born in 1162, approximately. His father was a minor Mongol chieftain and died when Genghis Kahn, then known as Temujin, was in his early teens. He learned a lot of his military tact from early experiences with his father who also had a great deal of military tact. Genghis Kahn’s first Military exercise was when his wife was kidnapped. She was taken by a rival tribe to the Mongols and succeeded in defeating him. A lot of warriors from opposing sides notoriously joined Genghis Kahn after seeing his incredibly deft military skills in battle. They figured if you can’t beat Genghis Kahn, you might as well join Genghis Kahn.

He turned against a lot of other clans and tribes and realized that he could set out to conquer the world. The warriors who were not smart enough to join Genghis Kahn were killed by him. He created an extremely efficient military strategy based on systems of 10. He had 10 squads to a company, 10 companies to a regiment and of course 10 regiments per Tumen, which was his fearful and intense military unit of 10,000 cavalrymen. The Mongols were constantly on the moved and were considered nomads. The Mongols bred thousands of horses and Kahn’s greatest warriors, all of them were on horseback. This is what made them so formidable. It’s a lot harder to shoot or wound something that is moving. Their horses were strong and fast, and even served as warriors themselves. By 1209, Genghis Kahn was moving toward China and making a move on one of the most powerful dynasties on the planet.

Kahn also had access to an extensive network of people all across the world, some were spies and others scouts. He had people on the inside of every empire on the planet, and pre telephone and internet that’s an incredible almost inhuman feat. 

Kahn had as many as 250,000 cavalrymen on his side at once. He attacked large cities with sophisticated sieging equipment including catapults, mangonels and even diverted rivers. The Mongols literally moved heaven and earth to flood out their enemies. Most armies fell to the Mongols in very bloody battles, and the massacres that typically followed Mongol victories eliminated any thoughts of further resistance or uprisings. Those who survived were often raped, murdered or dominated in other ways. The Mongolians and Genghis Kahn were not good people in any way shape or form. 

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