The Story of Anne Frank - 8/4/1944

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We’ve all heard of the story of Anne Frank. In fact, many of us have even read the story of Anne Frank. It’s a very sad story that details what Hitler’s power did to the Jewish people. It was on this day in 1944 that the Nazi Gestapo captured the family of Anne Frank, including herself, in a warehouse in Amsterdam. The Gestapo were acting on a tip they received from a Dutch informer. 

Two years prior to being captured, the Frank family said goodbye to their old life and began taking shelter in the sealed off area of the warehouse they were hiding in. At the time, Hitler was having all Jews deported to a Nazi concentration camp, which all Jews feared at the time. They were joined by another small Jewish family and Jewish man. In addition, they received some help from some Christian friends that would supply them with food and other supplies they would need to survive. For the most part, Anne Frank would spend a lot of her time in the “secret annex,” which is where she would write her diary.

Her diary would later become one of the most important historical documents to this day. It somehow made it past the capture in the warehouse, which was torn up by the Gestapo. They must’ve looked past it, not knowing it was something special. It would later survive the war and become one of the most popular books ever published. However, Anne Frank, her family and the rest that were captured would later end up dying in the concentration camps they were sent to. Her story would live on forever, though.

Anne Frank would stop writing in her diary on August 1st, with the hope of rescue at an all-time high when Allied forces landed in Normandy. However, three days later, the Gestapo arrived and ended that hope and sent them to a concentration camp located in Holland. A month later, they were shipped over to the Auschwitz death camp located in Poland. Not soon after, they were sent to the Bergen-Belsen camp that was located in Germany.

At the Bergen-Belsen camp, Anne Frank and her sister Margot would be exposed to typhus due to the horrible conditions at the camp. The typhus would kill both of the sisters shortly after. Not even two months after their passing in March of 1945, the British would liberate the camp and rescue who was left. Unfortunately, that rescue didn’t include Anne Frank or Margot. 

Otto Frank, Anne’s father, was the only one of the 10 that were originally hiding to survive. He would later be reunited with one of the people who had helped them hide from the Gestapo. That’s when she would give Otto Anne’s diary that she found in the rubbish. Otto would go on to publish her diary and would turn into one of the best-selling books to ever be published. Her story went viral and the evils of Hitler were completely exposed to the whole world. 

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