Adolf Hitler Commits suicide – 12/30/1945

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There was a time when people thought that Adolph Hitler and his allies would take over the world and that the Jewish population would become extinct. When thinking about the saying, “All good things must come to an end,” the truth is that all things must come to an end. This was proven true on December 30th, 1945 as the leader of the third Reich was coming to an end. Holed up inside a bunker that was beneath his headquarters, Adolph Hitler decides to commit suicide by first ingesting capsule containing cyanide as well as firing a pistol into his head. Eventually, the Allied forces accept the unconditional surrender of Germany which extinguishes the dream of a “1,000-year” Reich by Adolph Hitler.

Many were starting to become a part of a growing consensus that by around 1943, Germany was starting to and eventually would succumb to the pressure the Allied forces was putting on them. The German 6th Army was coerced deep within the Soviet Union in February of 1943 which led to their annihilation at the Battle of Stalingrad; any dreams on both fronts for a sustained offensive had disappeared. The armies of the Western Alliance would land in Normandy, France in June a year later where the Germans were pushed back systematically in the direction of Berlin. Many military commanders of Germany admitted their imminent defeat a month later and were hatching a plan in order to try and negotiate a peace that would be more favorable; the only way for this to succeed was to remove power from Hitler. However, their assassination attempts on Hitler failed in which Hitler’s reprisals targeted 4,000 of his fellow countrymen and had them executed.

Hitler was facing an onslaught of Berlin by the Soviets in January of 1945, so he decided to retreat to his bunker and his final days was spent in there. The bunker resided 55 feet beneath the chancellery and had 18 rooms which made it self-sufficient; the bunker had its’ own electrical and water supply. Even though Hitler was continuing to become mad, this did not deter him from assigning orders while conferencing with such trusted subordinates as Josef Goebbels, Hermann Goering and Heinrich Himmler. Two days before killing himself, he decided to marry Eva Braun; she was his long-time mistress.

Hitler proclaimed in his last will and testament that Goebbels would become chancellor while Admiral Karl Donitz would become head of state. Then, Braun and Hitler went into his private quarters where Eva and Hitler poisoned their dogs and then themselves; he also took his service pistol and shot himself with it.

While forces from the Soviets began getting closer to the building, Braun and Hitler’s bodies were quickly cremated in the chancellery garden. Once reaching the chancellery, Soviet forces retrieved Hitler’s ashes and changed its’ location continually; this was done to prevent devotees of Hitler from creating at his final resting place a memorial. The German forces proclaimed an unconditional surrender only eight days later on May 8th, 1945; Germany was now left by the four Allied powers to be carved up.

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