Charles Manson And His Family Terrorize The Nation – 8/9/1969

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Charlie Manson and his group of perverse followers are one of history’s greatest blemishes. The mystery of his cult and their murderous rampage across California has sparked a great deal of intrigue and fanaticism among people across the globe. Nobody is sure about why Charles Manson became the crazed, evil man he became but one thing is for sure: he’s locked up forever, and that’s a good thing. 

On August 9th of 1969 Charles Manson and his family killed five people at the home of director Roman Polansky. His pregnant wife Sharon Tate was an actress. She was a high profile target of the killings and apparently Manson wanted revenge on the entertainment industry for rejecting him. The supermarket executive Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary were the next victims of Manson’s crimes. These horrific acts shocked the nation and turned Manson into a cult figure, praying on people’s morbid curiosities.

Charles Manson was born in 1934 to an unhinged, unwed 16 year-old mother in Cincinnati, Ohio. A lot of theorists attribute his unpredictable nature to his fatherless childhood. He spent most of his childhood in and out of juvie for various violent and non-violent crimes. Manson discovered in young adulthood that he had some kind of strange magnetism and used that concept to woo young, misguided people into his favor. Lost young women were attracted to him and fell under his terrifying spell. One in particular, Susan Atkins actually carried out the sick killing of Sharon Tate under Charles Mason’s direction. This is why Manson is on parole, and not death row. He actually never killed anyone with his own hands. His followers were the ones who carried them out.

Charles Manson’s disgusting rhetoric was preached to his followers as a religion. He was full of rage because of a lot of failures in his life. He unsuccessfully tried to get a record deal from a producer in Hollywood, and turned to his followers to validate his talents. Being a failed musician, he often used popular music to drive his point’s home. One of his notoriously favored artists was the Beatles. The song Helter Skelter will be tied to him forever. Manson was only arrested after one of his followers bragged to people about his killings while serving jail time for an unrelated crime. The trial was a spectacle in the eyes of Americans and Manson truly put on a show during the proceedings. He gave a bizarre and violent performance in front of the eyes of the jury and the nation. California overturned the death penalty in 1972 and Manson escaped death because of it. 

Manson is still a polarizing figure in pop culture today. Tons of movies and books, research and theories have been drawn up about him and his time on the run in California. To this day, Manson remains in prison. He has been denied parole numerous times and is up again for consideration in 2022. 

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