New Video Explores The Ghost Ships At The Bottom Of The Pacific

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Between 1946 and 1958 there were a total of 23 nuclear tests conducted out in the Pacific. It was off the coast of Bikini Atoll, a small strip of land in the middle of the sea. That tiny piece of land is mostly famous for being blasted by those nuclear blasts. If you search the sea floor in that area you will see the victims of these tests; 95 naval vessels which were all sunk intentionally as a means of studying the affects of the blasts. 

“Alucia productions” is a production company that helps us explore and discover the mysterious of the sea. They are part of the Dalio Ocean Initiative and aim to “create world-class media that educates and inspires people to connect to the Ocean.” Thanks to the team at Alucia we are introduced to the nuclear graveyard at the seafloor around Bikini Atoll through a mesmerizing five-minute video.

Scientists look out into the dark night with wonder, hoping to discover something spectacular in the endless blackness. While we know the Ocean is no where near the magnitude of space, at this point it might as well be as it still holds so many mysterious and there is so much left to explore. That is how Alucia sees the ocean and you can see it in their videos, which use technology and the right aesthetics to share their own intrigue with the viewers.

Alucia uses a vehicle with submersible capabilities and with videos like this one they released, Bikini Atoll: Into the Atomic Abyss, they prove their company’s vehicle to be a mechanical wonder.

 One of the highlights of the video is the footage of the USS Saratoga. The Saratgoa was first built in the 1920s and proved to be a beast in wartime, surviving countless battles with the Japanese during World War Two. It retired in Bikini Antoll where it was used as a designated target for the nuclear blasts. Now The USS Saratoga sits on the sea floor while still looking as majestic as ever. 

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