Prince Hussein Succeeds And Gets The Throne – 8/11/1952

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Prince Hussein took the throne as the king of Jordan following the declaration that his father was unfit to rule. The Jordanian Parliament decided that King Talal wasn’t fit because of problems with his mental illness. Hussein was formally given the crown on his 18th birthday. The date was November 14th of 1953. 

Hussein served as the third constitutional king of Jordan and his rule was under the jurisdiction of the Hashemite dynasty which was remembered as a line of descent from the Prophet Muhammad, a person who is hailed to be extremely important in the Islamic faith. Muhammad is believed to be an Islamic character who possessed similar powers / efforts as Jesus Christ does in the Christian faith.

Hussein became king and ruled for nearly 50 years and maintained a great relationship with the Western world who had been largely scared by encroaching Eastern ties. He developed Jordan’s economy, developing many initiatives to stimulate commerce and empower the people to live their best lives.

He ended up fighting against Israel in a brutal, but short battle that is referred to as the Six-Day War. It occurred in 1967. It was one of the most bizarre battles, motivated by the constant struggle in the Middle East over Muslim holy lands. It’s no secret that Israel and Palestine have been fighting for centuries. Their hatred for one another stems from the location of their holy land and who has the “right” to control it. A group of Palestinian Guerrilla fighters ambushed Jordan’s capital. They tried to seize control in a fast fury of anger and overthrow the Jordanian State. Prince, and later King Hussein opposed the Persian Gulf War of 1991 which was largely motivated by the United States. He viewed it as an attack on ideals and decided to opt out of supporting any kind of military occupation there.

His opposition of the Persian Gulf War in 1991 proved time and time again that he was an even keel leader who really cared for his people. He did, however; support the peace missions that had been discussed in the UN and among the ever controversial Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The US tried to get involved and ended up just having more and more issues. 

King Hussein died in 1999 after nearly 50 successful years of rule. Though it wasn’t a democratic process many of the people in Jordan applauded him and appreciated his efforts as king. He was succeeded by his son Prince Abdullah who was his eldest child. The son carried out his father’s benevolence and honor in the eyes of those who still believed in the Hashemite dynasty.

King Hussein was also praised for being one of the longest serving executives as a head of state in recent history. In fact, he was the 20th Century’s longest serving “president” or “king” figure. It makes you wonder about our system, and why we choose to have someone in power for 4 to 8 years. 

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